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The Pros and Cons of Aluminum Framed Handguns

The Shooter’s Log

By Bob Campbell published on  in Firearms

After deploying a steel frame handgun for many years I have come to appreciate lightweight (LW) frame handguns. Aluminum frame revolvers and self-loaders have become trusted companions. I am not one to save a few ounces at the cost of my life, yet I do not wish to carry more weight than necessary. A good handgun, holster and spare magazine, not to mention the knife and combat light, add up.I won’t try to convince you an aluminum frame handgun is as durable as steel or that the handguns are as easy to shoot well, although the trade-offs are acceptable. If you are both practical and serious concerning personal defense, you may come to the same conclusion I have:Aluminum-frame pistols make sense. You simply have to understand the breed, and give your personal best to mastering this type of gun.There are other lightweight alloys although the most common and most suitable for personal defense handguns is aluminum. Aluminum was once a precious metal, then advanced mining and processing techniques changed the world. After World War II aluminum frame technology—developed for aircraft—changed the handgun world. Today, aluminum-frame handguns have a half-century service history that’s unmatched by any other lightweight gunmetal. The aluminum frame handgun is usually a doppelganger to the steel frame pistol, identical in appearance and made of a different framer or receiver material.

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