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If I have you build a complete firearm what must I do?
We require payment for your purchase before we begin your complete firearm.  As we are in California and a licensed FFL dealer, you need to either complete all the DOJ paperwork for DOJ approval for you to purchase it or we can ship it to a local FFL dealer of your choice. If you complete the DOJ paperwork with us once DOJ provide approval and the appropriate waiting period has elapsed we can then ship it directly to you.

Who Can And Can’t Inherit Your Guns?
This is a simple question with a complex answer. We are not lawyers nor do we wish to become one so here is a pointer to one who has begun to answer this question.

Giving a firearm as a gift? Some reminders from NSSF
This is less complex than “Who can inherit your guns”. The National Shooting Sports Foundation has some recommendations on the following web page.

California Attorney General has a FAQ site.

What is an 80% receiver?
This is a partially modified piece of material that requires additional specialty tooling to complete into a functional firearm and is not required to be transferred through a Federal Firearms Licensed holder (FFL).

What are current legalities regarding an 80% receiver?.
We have a designation letter from the ATF stating that the ATF does not view 80% lowers as a firearm, because it requires additional specialty tooling and skills. You do not need an FFL in order to make a firearm.  You do have to be able to legally own a gun in the state, county, and city you live in. 

How to register firearms in California
Again we are not lawyers nor do we wish to become one so here is a pointer to one who has begun to answer this question.

What is a “Straw Purchase” and is it legal?
A straw purchase is if you give someone (friend, relative) cash to buy a firearm for you. That is illegal. Giving them cash to buy it for themselves is not a straw purchase and is legal. They still need to go through the background check. They still need to fill out the form themselves. You are not involved and the gift is not coming back to you as it would in a straw purchase. It stays with the legal recipient and new owner.

California Considerations
Whether your lower is legal and / or can remain unregistered in California depends on whether you use it to build a rifle that meets the California definition of an “assault weapon”. If you build a rifle that meets the CA definition of an “assault weapon”, you will have to register it as such. We are not lawyers and cannot provide legal advice, or warrant that our common sense interpretations of our laws match those of the CA DOJ. We suggest you either consult a lawyer to give you a professional legal opinion or read the relevant laws yourself, and draw your own conclusions. The information on our site is only intended as informal helpful pointers, and is not to be relied on as formal legal advice. Ultimately nobody except the CA DOJ can predict how they plan to interpret / enforce existing legislation.

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